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#6 – God answers prayer.

#7 – when things get challenging in your life, God faithful to hear your heart. Your friends won’t be. Your idols won’t be. Your parents won’t be. Your _____ won’t be. God is and will be.

#8 – if you want to be somebody, if you want to go somewhere, you better wake up and pay attention” – Sister Mary Clarence

#9 – knowing a lot of Scripture doesn’t equal being like Christ.

#10 – Christ knew the Scripture, so one can’t think that we can be like him and be ignorant of truth.

check out #’s1-5 here.

#1 – don’t judge “how you are doing” by church/fellowship attendance alone – ask yourself, “do I care about others? or am I just concerned about myself”

#2 – don’t wait for your summer camp/retreat to get serious about your relationship with God. It is not guaranteed that the event will happen. Nor is it guaranteed that you’ll be there. Get serious about your relationship with God now.

#3 – we are concerned with what we look like. we need to be concerned what HE looks like, through us.