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An evangelical, a unitarian, and a Muslim discuss the identity of Jesus at a forum held in Melbourne, Australia, on 17th July 2013. This was a discussion jointly hosted by City Bible Forum and CrossCulture Church of Christ between three different views on Jesus.

The evening started with 8 minute opening statements by each presenter, then moderated discussion followed by a 2 minute closing.

A Trinitarian Christian – Dr. Bernie Power (Melbourne School of Theology).
A Muslim – Shahir Naga (1God.com.au)
A Unitarian Christian – Steve Katsaras (Red Words Church).

This is the complete presentation. You can download the audio here or subscribe to the christianmonotheism podcast.

Victor Gluckin presents a balanced yet stirring case for getting the word out that the Father is the only true God. Too often biblical unitarians equivocate or chicken out for fear of rejection or excommunication. This is not to say we should belligerently pick theological fights, but it is to say we should be proud of who our God is to such a degree that we endeavor to share it with others in love. This is from the 2007 One God Conference held in Albany, NY. I just recently put this on Youtube and re-watched it. Victor’s words are just as poignant and needed today as they were when he spoke them.

Rob Bell does a fantastic job explaining the arc of Scripture in this talk delivered to pastors. His point is that we should not start with sin when talking to new people, Cheap Jerseys free shipping but instead begin with a robust creation theology. In other words, we should talk about God’s original design, his goodness, what we were originally called to be as humans before delving into the problem of sin. Rob beautifully ties the beginning of the Bible to the end by comparing and contrasting Genesis 1-2 with Revelation 21-22. Rarely do we see someone of Rob’s popularity preaching the kingdom in such an uncompromising way. Enjoy!

This short video shows some of the major archeological finds related to our Lord’s last week of life. Enjoy!

Passion Week Archaeology from SourceFlix.com on Vimeo.

Follow Jesus

Clever take on telling the story of Jesus to the twitter generation:

Does God Exist?
William Lane Craig vs. Peter Millican

This debate on “Does God Exist?” took place in front of a capacity audience at the Great Hall in the University of Birmingham (in England). It was recorded in October of 2011 as part of the UK Reasonable Faith Tour with William Lane Craig. The debate was hosted by the University of Birmingham Student Philosophy Society and moderated by Professor Carl Chinn.

I recently watched this in preparation for my Apologetics class and really enjoyed it. William Craig was really at his best and Oxford Professor, Peter Millican, brought some interesting arguments against God as well. A video like this is surely a premium resource to share with our atheist and agnostic friends and relatives. The debate is a bit technical at times, but that is the nature of engagement on this level.

Next week I’ll be down at the Atlanta Bible College teaching a class on Apologetics. In preparation for that, I came across the following youtube video that is called “A Comedian’s View on Postmodernism” by Taylor Mali. I’m not sure the video really tackles postmodernism per se, but it does expose a certain cultural trend that avoids ever saying anything definitive.

Hell and Mr. Fudge Movie

So they are making a movie about Edward Fudge and his discovery that hell is a place yet to be established rather than currently existing and it consumes what is thrown into it rather than keeping people alive to torment forever. The movie depicts the various struggles and tribulations Fudge went through for questioning one of mainstream Christianity’s most beloved dogmas.

I can’t wait until it comes out and sincerely hope it makes it all the way up to New York! I love the thought of a movie showing the courage and tenacity it takes to stand up for truth even when it costs you everything.

Good points to consider. Feel free to share your thoughts below.

Baby Complexity

This video shows a glimpse at how marvelous our in utero development is.

Thanks, Patrick, for sending this over.

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