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  1. Bibles The Bible is undeniably the best selling book of all time. Many have tried to confiscate, burn, minimize, marginalize, disprove, or supress it. However, they have not succeeded because God has protected His book for us. Check out all of the translations and Bible related products we carry.

  2. Books by Vince Finnegan Here one can find a number of books written by the indefatigable Rev. Finnegan including: Change to Change, The Kingdom Studies, Inside Out, and more

  3. Christian Living Christianity is more than just a one-time confession. If Jesus is Lord then we should do what he says. Books under this heading discuss how to live out our Christian lives obeying Jesus as our Lord.

  4. Counseling Have you ever been asked for godly advice? Problems like weeds seem to sprout up from all over and many times we need to receive or give biblical counsel. These books will help you to do just that.

  5. Defending the Faith The world is swarming with secular humanism, materialism, and rationalism. Faith has been squeezed out and ridiculed as a subjective, emotional quality only required by those who are too weak to handle the harsh finality of death. Books in this category seek to answer these criticisms and prove that there is a God and we have good reason to believe that He is the Creator.

  6. Doctrinal What happens at death? Is hell everlasting conscious punishment or anihilation? Are we once saved always saved or is perseverance of obedience required? When is the rapture: before the tribulation, during it, or after? These questions and more are addressed in these fine books.

  7. Fellowship/Building a Community Home fellowships were the bedrock of the church described in the book of Acts. How do we translate what worked then into our own day and time? How do we build intentional faith based communities that encourage maturity and glorify God while waiting for the kingdom to come?

  8. God Here you can find books that teach the oneness, greatness, and importance of our God. Allthough the Trinity is the majority view of Christians today it was not even fully developed until the late 4th century. The earliest Christians were Jews who believed and quoted the Shema--the chief creed of Israel--"Hear, Oh Israel, Yahweh your God is one Yahweh" (Deut 6.4; Matt 12.29). As Christians we endeavor to believe what the Bible says, but why is there so much confusion on this subject? Click on this category to find out more.

  9. Healing & Miracles Christ's dual ministry consisted of preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing people. One cannot minimize the healing aspect. He confronted demonic powers and regularly cast them out. Is this available today?

  10. Historical Some say the key to the future is understanding the past. Here you will find great stories of faith and also tragic ones. By exploring the lives of those who have come before us, and observing how they have wrestled with issues of what to believe and how to believe it, we can build on what they have accomplished instead of reinventing everything in each generation.

  11. Jesus Christ is the most influential human to ever have been born. He has influenced people from all walks of life and today 2 billion people claim to belong to Christianity. Books in this category cover the prophecies leading up to the birth of Christ, his life, his teachings, and the accomplishments of his death.

  12. Kingdom of God Jesus was sent to preach the gospel of the kingdom of God (Luke 4.43). He tirelessly proclaimed that all people everywhere should repent in light of its nearness (Mark 1.14-15; Matthew 4.17, 23). Yet, Jesus never took the time to define the kingdom. Is it something present in our hearts, is it the church, or is it a future physical government? Books in this category seek to answer this question by drawing on the vast warehouse of information on this subject found in the Hebrew Scriptures (the Old Testament).

  13. Marriage is the covenant made between a man and a woman to leave their parents, cleave to one another, and become one flesh (Gen 2.24). Yet, marriage is many times very difficult because personalities conflict, old habbits die hard, and God is not the center of the relationship. Books in this category focus on God's design for marriage as well as what the Bible teaches on the subject. Many of these books are practical and well worth your time no matter how good or bad your marriage is.

  14. Other Here you can find books that aren't contained in any of the "other" categories.

  15. Overcoming Addictions Millions today destroy their lives bit by bit as they sink deeper into addiction. Learn how to combat the destructive spiral effect of addiction by turning to God and asking for His help as well as finding others to give you support.

  16. Parenting is largely carried out today by instutionalized, government approved, daycares and schools. Both parents are working and so the state is teaching our children how to "thrive" in this age of sin. In order to rectify this, we must first see what the Bible teaches and then figure out how to apply it. Our children are the future; we must raise them to be lovers of God, seekers of his kingdom, and build in them an apetite for righteousness.

  17. Prayer & Fasting Prayer is our connection to God. Resources under this heading talk about the importance of prayer, effective methods of prayer, and the many benefits of prayer. Also, fasting is explored in these books and its connection to prayer.

  18. Research Tools Concordances, Lexicons, Commentaries, and more.

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