Harvest Weekend

Sat, Oct 26, 2019
at Living Hope, 10am to 5pm (lunch included)

How did it become culturally rude to tell the others that Jesus is king? As Christians how do we show the gospel is not only plausible, but beautiful? How can we be more than faithful—but actually effective in evangelism? This seminar offers a theoretical framework that makes sense of why you probably hate evangelism and offers a practical toolkit to get excited about announcing the gospel again.

Joshua Anderson spent the last two years as a church-planting missionary in Japan. Before that he earned an MA in Philosophy (Talbot School of Theology) and an MA in Theology (Fuller Theological Seminary) and taught apologetics and theology at Ecclesia College in Springdale, Arkansas.

Come to Living Hope on October 26th and let's learn from Josh's experience in preaching in one of the most secular countries in the world. Also, we will be having our harvest meal (think chili and apple pie) on Sunday after the service. Come and let's make a weekend of it.