Celebrating Our Sponsored Congo Students’ Graduation

God bless you in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

In the US, graduation parties are usually held in June, but this year, in the Congo DR, the 9 sponsored students who graduated from High School (in October) were finally honored for their achievement at the December 25 special Children's Day in Kinshasa.

These young men and women, who were sponsored through this project, have worked hard to stick with it and earn their degree. Each was presented with a high quality gift Bible. Their education will serve to enhance their personal ministries to the church and provide for their future families, as they transition into adulthood. Please enjoy a few photos so you can share in the joy. Someday, the children you are sponsoring may be similarly honored.

You are changing lives and contributing to this immense work we all share in advancing God's coming Kingdom on Earth. Thanks for what you are doing! Keep praying.

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