Congo Connection

Exciting things have been happening in the two Congo countries where LHIM is actively involved. Here are a few highlights.


Repentance and the Kingdom of God

This has been the theme of many of the teachings and activities in the Republic of the Congo this year. A number of believers have been planting new house churches across the country. These saints were sent out to various cities and locations to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. These “soul winners” have been very successful and have many stories to tell. The outreach program, “Enter the Ark,” has inspired a new wave of individuals to go forth in September.


In order to prepare them, a mentoring time is set aside every Monday evening at the ministry headquarters. They call this a “house of maturity” – a time to train volunteers how to reach people effectively and prepare for the challenges that lie ahead.


Each One Win One

Every Friday in Brazzaville, the capital city, volunteers meet briefly and then head out as couples or small groups into various neighborhoods of that city. For two hours, they preach the gospel and minister to people with a focus on winning souls for the Lord Jesus Christ. As Armel Ngo (who oversees these ministries) states, “Many doors have been opened by this effort. However, we also have many adversaries. Your prayers are necessary to help ensure success of all these activities.” Amen!


Large Meeting in Point Noire

The port city of Pointe Noire will be the location of a large meeting on September 25. Quite a few house churches have been established there in recent years. Many saints from other parts of the country plan to attend.


High School Graduates

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, four students who have been sponsored for their schooling by saints in the US graduated from high school. Completing high school is a major accomplishment in this country where, for financial reasons, many do not even have the opportunity to attend a school. The Congolese have a curious custom – when someone has experienced a significant achievement, they are dusted with white powder as a way of expressing joy. Hence, their appearance is unusual in the pictures. Now that you know this, you can rejoice along with these four young men.


73 Students to be Sponsored This Year

This year, a total of 73 boys and girls will be attending school thanks to the generosity and love of believers in the US and other countries, who have committed to pay for their school expenses (school is not free in the DRC). For more information on how this project works, contact LHIM or visit our website,


Ambassadors for Christ

In August, ten young men and women have dedicated a year of their life to serve God by volunteering to be sent out to live in various locations in the DRC to preach the gospel and win souls for the Lord. This program is entitled “WOW Ambassadors.” Most are recent high school graduates, including two of the young men mentioned above.

To quote their leader, Kennedy Kutukwa, “These young people have all made the same declaration – ‘We will dedicate our diplomas to God, and sacrifice a year of our lives in the field of harvest. We are convinced that God is able to provide for our needs, and that we will eventually continue with university studies.’”

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