Sponsored Students’ Recent Activities Within the Congo Ministries

First, Reverend Kennedy; the lead pastor and president of The LHIM DRCongo, extends sincere and heartfelt gratitude from the families of the children being sponsored. Without your love and support, they would not be receiving a good quality education. This has been a particularly difficult time for anyone living in a 3rd world country.

Families of believers in the Congo have expressed how amazed they are that brothers and sisters across the globe would reach out in such a loving and meaningful way. Here's just a part of what Rev. Kennedy shared in his words: "About twenty of the children of policemen and soldiers were able to study without problem and their families cannot believe it, commenting that they have never seen such a church and above all such love for their neighbors. A policeman's wife handed me a live rooster, telling me she has nothing else to give me in return. (In Africa, the gift of livestock is very significant)."

The students are using their education to grow their ministries by assisting in the church--teaching, leading worship, and instructing younger children. The tools they gain in school will enable their future ministries to blossom, thanks to you. Recently, they had a large event at the church, and the sponsored students played an active role in it. Here are a few photos I thought you'd like. Thanks for your continued prayer and support as the school year wraps up in a few months. With you in Christ!

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