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Living Hope is partnering closely with several dynamic Christian ministries that are spreading the gospel in the Congo countries – one of the poorest regions in the world.

Latest News: Sponsored Students' Recent Activities Within the Congo Ministries
by Timypaul Lupe • May 19, 2022
First, Reverend Kennedy; the lead pastor and president of The LHIM DRCongo, extends sincere and heartfelt gratitude from the families of the children being sponsored. Without your love and support, they would not be receiving a good quality education. This has been a particularly difficult time for anyone living in a 3rd world...   Read More >>

You Can Sponsor a Child for a Year…

Since there is no reliable public school in the Democratic Republic of Congo, many parents are unable to send their children to school, or else forego other basic needs in order to pay for private school tuition and supplies.

Our Child Sponsorship program was established to address this urgent need. By gaining a basic education, children are better able to learn the scriptures, develop their potential in the body of Christ, and build a foundation for providing for their future families.

$480 covers a child’s education for a full school year. This includes the tuition expense, as well as providing the child with a uniform and a few school supplies. You can give a single gift of $480 or give in regular installments throughout the year.

Annual deadline for child sponsorship: August 15

Please give at least $160 by August 15 so we can pay for a child’s first trimester of school.

New donors: Please contact us at (518) 785-8888 or

Giving by check: Please write “Congo Child Sponsorship” on the memo line.

Giving online: Select “Congo Children's Fund.”

Want more information? Contact Richard Elton at

…Or You Can Give to the Congo Children’s Fund

Can’t sponsor a child for a full school year, but still want to give? Another way to help the children in the Congo fellowships is to make a donation of any amount to the Congo Children’s Fund.

Giving by check: Please write “Congo Children's Fund” on the memo line.

Giving online: Select “Congo Children's Fund.”

The Congo Building Fund

The Fellowship in the Congo will soon be losing the facility that they have been using for many years for worship services, activities, classes and counseling. The cost for a suitable location is a huge financial challenge for our sister church there. We are partnering with them to raise finances to secure a new location.

Giving by check: Please write “Congo Building Fund” on the memo line.

Giving online: Select “Congo Building Fund.”

Donating Online

All gifts to LHIM are tax-deductible. We process all online financial gifts through Planning Center, which is a secure website for online transactions. When you donate online, be sure to select which fund you are contributing to.

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