Call for donations for the purchase of a plot to house the headquarters of our Church:  Living Hope International Ministries of The Republic of Congo.



Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Abundant greetings and blessings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am Reverend Armel NGO; writing to you in my capacity as President and member of the clergy of the Church: LIVING HOPE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES of the Republic of Congo.

Our church counts two hundred and fifty (250) believers in Brazzaville. It is also established in Pointe-Noire and Ollombo, two other towns and localities in our country. We work daily to spread the gospel of the Kingdom of God and promote Christian spiritual values ​​in our community to help many people hear and prepare to enter the coming kingdom of God.

Our goal is to first reach the twelve provinces of our country then the world with the Gospel of the Kingdom, this necessitates an adequate infrastructure that will allow us to be stable and work in good conditions. The city of Brazzaville is where we have our headquarters. It will be advantageous to our church to have a permanent headquarters that will allow us to hold our Sunday Services, Prayer Fellowships, Teaching Sessions, and Communion Services freely and without obstacles.  As for the moment, our church does not have its own head office or temple. The church is currently a tenant in a plot belonging to a third party with whom we are in contract and bear the monthly rental costs, this has been the case for 12 years already. A call for funds for the acquisition of the plot has been launched at our local church but the project has been struggling to come to pass because of the lack of financial means that we face and especially with the fragile economy of our country.

Our Church is at risk of being destabilized at any moment if the owner wants us to leave. The consequence would be the automatic stop of our activities and programs from the training of our young people to proclamation of the Gospel of the Kingdom. This is why we are humbly asking on your generosity to grant us your financial support for the purchase of the plot that will serve to house the headquarters of our church, so important to guide and raise future generations of believers. We are aware that we are not the only ones who need help, but any contribution is useful, whatever it is. Where there is goodwill, the effort speaks louder no matter what is given.

Thanking you for the attention you have given to my request, Brothers and Sister, my respectful greetings in Jesus Christ.



Reverend Armel NGO


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