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The Old Testament is quoted hundreds of times in the New Testament. The words used, the concepts communicated, and the events recorded in the New Testament have their roots in the Hebrew Scriptures. Accurate interpretation and understanding of the New are virtually impossible without a comprehensive understanding of the Old. Many of our commonly accepted beliefs have been formulated without the proper foundation. Hence, our faith and practice are incomplete and often inaccurate.

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This compilation of biblical studies is primarily from the books of Genesis and Exodus. The topics selected are vital for understanding important themes that run throughout the Scriptures. The Foundation is not for those who are loyal to traditions and are unwilling to consider a different biblical perspective. However for those who have a passion for the Scriptures, the discipline to study, and the courage to change, the Foundation will be a helpful guide. It is virtually impossible to gain an accurate understanding of Jesus the Christ without first acknowledging the Old Testament (Hebrew) Scriptures. Yet, since Christ is accepted as central to Christianity, the tendency has been to ignore the Hebrew Scriptures and focus entirely upon the Gospels. This practice has caused grave misinterpretations and consequently an incomplete and often inaccurate understanding of the Lord and Savior.

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This volume focuses on some of the many things that Jesus said and did which show that he (Jesus of Nazareth) is the Christ. The four Gospels reveal everything that God wants us to know about our Lord's ministry from his genealogy to his post-resurrection appearances. Moses and all the prophets spoke often regarding the Messiah. They communicated many details about what he would do and say. Before Jesus was born, these Scriptures provided a complex blueprint so that there would be a standard to compare to and determine the authenticity of the Christ. The aim of Jesus the Christ is to review pertinent topics recorded in the Gospels and acknowledge the Hebrew underpinnings. This scriptural approach unveils divine truth which shatters the fetters of traditionalism and challenges commonly accepted religious dogmas.

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God wants us to live wholeheartedly for Him. We are to die to self and live for God. For the Israelites, substitutionary animal sacrifice was central. Today, animal sacrifices are to be replaced with a Living Sacrifice which means we are to be constantly living for Him. Biblical insight on how to present oneself to God as a Living Sacrifice is provided in this volume, Major sections of Scripture and many important topics are examined and set forth in a simple way to show how to live a godly life. For those seeking more understanding on how to live for God, Living Sacrifice will be a meaningful study guide.