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The Holy Spirit is one of the most misunderstood areas of Christian belief and practice. The Bible must be our source for information on spiritual matters. Thankfully, Jesus spent a great deal of time explaining the role of "The Spirit of Truth" during the last supper he had with his disciples before he was arrested. These articles discuss what can be gleaned from John 13-17 as well as the rest of the Bible on this intriguing subject. To listen to free online audio teachings on the holy spirit, click here.

Translating the Holy Spirit by Rev. Sean Finnegan
   [July/Aug 2013 - issue 17.4]
Speaking in Tongues by Rev. Vince Finnegan
   [March/April 2012 - issue 16.2]
Speaking in Tongues by Rev. Vince Finnegan
   [May/June 2010 - issue 14.3]
Holy Spirit by Rev. John Cortright
   [May/June 2010 - issue 14.3]
Jesus and the Spirit
   [Sept/Oct 2007 - issue 11.5]
Unholy Spirit
   [July/Aug 2007 - issue 11.4]
Manifestation of the Spirit (part 2)
   [May/June 2007 - issue 11.3]
Manifestation of the Spirit (part 1)
   [March/April 2007 - issue 11.2]
The Mind of Christ
   [Jan/Feb 2007 - issue 11.1]
Strengthened with Power
   [Sept/Oct 2006 - issue 10.5]
Spirit and Sonship
   [July/Aug 2006 - issue 10.4]
The Holy Spirit is not a Person
   [May/June 2006 - issue 10.3]
A Fuller Perspective
   [May/June 2006 - issue 10.3]
Spirit and Covenant
   [March/April 2006 - issue 10.2]
The Spirit of Truth
   [Jan/Feb 2006 - issue 10.1]

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