Helpful Links


NET Bible: This translation includes 60,932 translator's notes in addition to a modern translation of the original texts. The notes bring the reader in on the different options available to the translator. Explanations are given for why the original language was translated as they did and competing viewpoints are often mentioned and evaluated.

Bible Gateway: Read and research Scripture in more than a dozen languages. Additional resources are audio Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, and eBooks.

Bible.Crosswalk: Research website features over 20 translations of the Bible that can be viewed directly on the internet. Other helps include interlinear Bible, parallel Bible, commentaries, concordances, dictionaries, encylopedias, lexicons, history, etc.

Blue Letter Bible: This site has 10 versions of the Bible and a host of other research tools including audio/video commentaries, maps, and search.

Septuagint (LXX): The Septuagint was often quoted from in the New Testament (Greek Scriptures). This site contains the entire English translation of the Septuagint (Greek Old Testament & Apocrypha) and it will even read it to you out loud using online mp3s.

E-Sword: a free downloadable Bible software program. Great for comparing translations and looking at maps, charts, etc.


Early Jewish Writings: Resources include the Dueterocanon (Apocrypha), Pseudepigrapha, Philo's writings, and Josephus' writings. The site also has links to the Dead Sea Scrolls (Open Scrolls Project) and sites which contain the Talmud.

Early Christian Writings: Excellent free historical resource for reading early Christian writings from New Testament times up until AD 300. The web page is useful in learning the cultural backdrop and thought world in which very early post-biblical Christianity developed.

Scripture index of allusions made by Ante-Nicene Fathers: This is a great resource to see what the early Christian Fathers believed about specific verses in the New Testament.

Josephus: The complete works of Flavius Josephus (translated by William Whiston). Josephus was a Jewish historian who lived from AD 37 to AD 101. His works are useful in reconstructing what life was like in the time of the earliest Christians as well as the Jewish perspective of world history.

The Early Church Fathers: The complete text of the Ante-Nicene Fathers (Christian writings before AD 325). Great resource to see how the early Christians interpreted Scripture and lived Christianity even in the midst of a corrupt Roman Empire.

Center for Socinian Studies: Marian Hillar has researched the Socinian (unitarian) movement thouroughly and presents his findings in this informational website.


Table of Greek Manuscripts: Where are all of those Greek Manuscripts? This resources gives the name, approximate date, location, and contents of all of the Greek Manuscripts (codices, papyri, etc.)

Judaism 101: has tons of articles about Judaism including: "What do Jews believe?" "The Nature of God," "Moshiach: The Messiah." Get a new perspective on some of these Old Testament truths.

Navigating the Bible: A Jewish website including the their own translation of the Torah (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, & Deuteronomy), the Scripture readings for each of the Jewish holy days, a biblical/cultural dictionary of people, places, plants, and animals, and it has a resource to teach how to sing the Scripture.

Babylonian Talmud: A resource for understanding Jewish interpretation of the Hebrew Scriptures. Approximately 8,050 pages (out of 12,800) are on this site and are free to view.


The 21st Century Reformation: 21st Century Reformation Online brings together some of the best in videos, audios and writings focused on the pursuit of original Christianity in our time. You will read, hear and watch Bible teachings, exhortations and interviews that will both comfort and challenge us as Christians. This site is an online magazine. There will be a new edition each month with its own set of feature presentations.

The Kingdom Seeker: Jesse Acuff has poured an immense amount of time and effort into developing a rich and textured website brimming with quality resources including videos, mp3s, and articles about important doctrinal truths.


Restoration Fellowship: Sir Anthony Buzzard, scholar, author, and father of the modern day kingdom/unitarian movement, offers a number of articles about the gospel of the kingdom, God & Jesus, life after death, prophecy, the rapture, and much more. Also, available are over 260 professionally recorded audio programs from "focus on the kingdom" radio broadcasts as well as other audio resources.


Bible Basics: The Christodelphian site for fundamental Bible truths. Eleven study lessons including God, the Spirit of God, Death, The Nature of Jesus, etc. are written in simple terms so everyone can understand.


Lord's Harvest International: This website serves as the networking hub for the missionary work of the Church of God Abrahamic Faith. Information is available on missionary work being done in Mexico, Haiti, Peru, Malawi, Mozambique, Russia, India, et al. "This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come" (Matthew 24.14)


Atlanta Bible College: Looking for further training in a formal educational atmostphere? Looking for video distance learning courses which can be taken from the comfort of your own home? Look no further. Atlanta Bible College (ABC) accomodates those who can relocate to Morrow, Georgia as well as those who would prefer to earn college credits from home. ABC boasts itself as the only biblical unitarian college in the entire world. Are you interested in preparing for ministry? This is the place to go.