Israel Trip

Here is the registration form

Here is the letter from John Schoenheit, the leader of this trip:

God bless you.

We at STF are very excited about the upcoming tour to Israel and this email contains information about tour. The tour leaves the USA on Saturday, September 22, and returns on October 5th. I know you may be still just considering going, but I wanted to send you a registration packet so you would have it.

HOW TO REGISTER FOR THE TOUR: The tour agency we use is The Society for Biblical Studies (“SBS”) run by Rev. Peter Miano. You register for the tour directly with them, not with Spirit & Truth. That way they can handle all the flights, hotels, etc. The SBS registration form is attached to this email.

REGISTRATION FORM: Please read the SBS registration form carefully. It covers a lot of different details about the trip. When you are ready to register, fill out the form and send it in. You cannot fill out the form completely unless you have a valid passport.

ITENERARY: I intended to include an itinerary with this email, but I was just on the phone with Israel an hour before writing this letter and we are modifying it. I should have a day-to-day itinerary within 2 weeks, but wanted to get this registration form out to you right away. Although we do our best to follow the itinerary, it can change for many reasons. We will have a wonderful tour.

USE US MAIL; NOT FAX OR EMAIL: Due to all the national and international heightened security, we can no longer fax or email a registration form in to the Society for Biblical Studies (“SBS”). The registration form must be filled out, signed, and the original copy with your original signature mailed in to the SBS office.

WRITE A CHECK: Also, please note that the tour price of $3760.00 is for checks. Credit card companies charge SBS a fee if you use a credit card, and SBS passes that fee to you. If you want to use a credit card you can, but the tour price is then $3907. (Prices in this letter and on the registration form assume you are paying by check).

HOTELS ARE DOUBLE OCCUPANCY: The price of the tour is for double occupancy in the hotel room, so you will have a roommate (yes, you get to choose your roommate). If you want a room by yourself, the “single supplement” charge is $985.

TRAVELING BY YOURSELF? If you are traveling alone and don’t know anyone else on the tour, a roommate will be assigned to you. If you are the last person of your sex traveling by yourself to register for the tour, if we do not have a roommate that we can pair you with, you will be charged the single supplement rate. If you register as traveling by yourself, as the tour date gets closer we will tell you about other people traveling by themselves so you can find a compatible roommate.

LAND PACKAGE: If you do not want to fly to Israel with the STF tour group, but want to fly on your own and meet us there, you can do that. The “land package” cost of the tour is $2978.

EXTRA MONEY: In my experience, most people need about $500 spending money on the tour (serious souvenir hunters and jewelry buyers will need more). Remember, lunch is on your own, and lunch is usually about $10, so that is $120 for 12 days. Also, you may want bottled water, wine, or alcohol, at meals, and snacks before and after (Israel has great cookies), so many people spend another $10 per day on that kind of thing. Beyond that, you may want to go out of the hotel at night to a café or for shopping, and may want a taxi. And there are always desirable souvenirs, bagels, ice cream, desserts, post cards, etc., that tend to nickel and dime you in ways you have not imagined. Many places in Israel take credit cards now, but if you use it you will want to carefully monitor your statement for a few months after returning to the USA.

SPACE: We will only take one bus on the tour, and will take about 45 people maximum. Please register as early as you can.

I AM AVAILABLE: Please call or email me if you have any questions.

Thanks so much!

John Schoenheit

STF office: 888-255-6189
Cell: (317) 413-6111

Here is the registration form