LHIM Educational Class

God's Purpose of the Ages: A Love Story
By Various Speakers
January 17, 2012

John Cortright and Vince Finnegan present a simple overview of the Bible focusing on God's overall purpose for humanity. Many important topics are covered such as worship the Creator, the integrity and power of God's Word, God's original plan for humanity, why there is evil, faith and Christianity, Israel's history and influence, Jesus our Messiah and Savior, the way to live godly in an ungodly world, manifesting holy spirit, walking with power, eternal life, and the end times.

The aim of the class is to build faith, confidence, and trust in God and our Lord Jesus Christ. The presentation of the material is comprehensive, yet easy to understand; biblically accurate, yet practical and confronting but very encouraging.

Recommended supplemental reading is taken from the Kingdom Studies books: Volume One, The Foundation; Volume Two, Jesus the Christ; and Volume Three, Living Sacrifice.
# Title Speaker Time Video
1 A Love Story Vince Finnegan 57:50 Watch
2 The Pure Word of God John Cortright 55:46 Watch
3 God's Original Plan Vince Finnegan 52:32 Watch
4 Enoch, Noah, Flood, Tower of Babel John Cortright 53:56 Watch
5 Our Father Abraham Vince Finnegan 50:01 Watch
6 Moses and the Old Covenant John Cortright 56:56 Watch
7 The Books of the Old Testament, David, and the Prophets John Cortright 55:34 Watch
8 Jesus the Christ Vince Finnegan 58:23 Watch
9 The Words of Jesus John Cortright 55:55 Watch
10 Jesus Our Passover Vince Finnegan 61:08 Watch
11 The Mystery Revealed John Cortright 49:58 Watch
12 Redemption in Jesus Vince Finnegan 54:34 Watch
13 The Spirit of Truth John Cortright 52:39 Watch
14 Speaking in Tongues Vince Finnegan 65:18 Watch
15 Walking in Newness of Life Vince Finnegan 49:49 Watch
16 They Kingdom Come John Cortright 61:40 Watch
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