LHIM Educational Class

Surrender and Take Control
By Various Speakers
January 15, 2013

What could be more discouraging than exerting all our energy trying to control our lives to live godly only to experience repeatedly that our best efforts are not good enough? Surrender and take Control will provide correct biblical doctrine to eliminate this torturous but prevalent lifestyle. The class will also contain many practical, easy to understand and apply instructions to help us gain control of our lives.
# Title Speaker Time Video Notes
1 Diagnosing the Human Condition (1) Vince Finnegan 49:04 Watch Read
2 Diagnosing the Human Condition (2) Vince Finnegan 43:33 Watch
3 Flesh vs. Spirit Vince Finnegan 57:56 Watch Read
4 Legalism vs. Liberalism Vince Finnegan 43:16 Watch
5 Review and Redemption Vince Finnegan 57:04 Watch Read
6 New Life Vince Finnegan 51:46 Watch
7 The Living Sacrifice Chuck Cumella 57:25 Watch Read
8 Condition of the Mind Vince Finnegan 62:49 Watch Read
9 Disciplining the Mind Vince Finnegan 44:30 Watch Read
10 Stop, Ask, Scripture, Action Vince Finnegan 48:55 Watch
11 Controlling the Tongue Vince Finnegan 42:16 Watch Read
12 Controlling Anxiety Vince Finnegan 35:15 Watch
13 Die to Self and Live for God Vince Finnegan 46:45 Watch Read
14 Stop Thinking about Yourself Vince Finnegan 32:59 Watch Read
15 Give to God Vince Finnegan 44:14 Watch Read
16 Review Vince Finnegan 33:44 Watch

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