LHIM Educational Class

By Various Speakers
September 24, 2013

Whether you are a lifetime Bible student or brand new, our journey with Jesus promises to enhance your faith, hope, and love. His teaching will challenge and reshape your life while his actions inspire awe, gratitude, and worship. You will see your Lord in a different light and fall in love with him all over again.

Annually, we observe and often scrutinize his birth and death at the corresponding holidays. JESUS, the class, focuses exclusively on his ministry that is between those two events.

We've organized the material around the eight beatitudes of Jesus' most famous teaching: the sermon on the mount. Each session shows how Jesus lived the beatitude out as well as what he taught about that particular subject.
# Title Speaker Time Video Notes
1 Poor in Spirit (A) Vince Finnegan 47:09 Watch Read
2 Poor in Spirit (B) Vince Finnegan 47:58 Watch
3 Those Who Mourn (A) Sean Finnegan 44:41 Watch Read
4 Those Who Mourn (B) Sean Finnegan 29:39 Watch
5 The Gentle (A) Vince Finnegan 48:06 Watch Read
6 The Gentle (B) Sean Finnegan 48:27 Watch
7 Righteousness (A) Vince Finnegan 44:21 Watch Read
8 Righteousness (B) Vince Finnegan 53:03 Watch
9 The Merciful (A) Sean Finnegan 50:36 Watch Read
10 The Merciful (B) Vince Finnegan 49:30 Watch
11 The Pure in Heart Sean Finnegan 45:53 Watch Read
12 The Peacemakers Vince Finnegan 45:13 Watch

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