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500: From Martin Luther to Joel Osteen
By Sean Finnegan
February 04, 2014

500 years ago, there was only one Christian denomination throughout most of the world. 500 years ago, the church and the government killed those who resisted tradition. 500 years ago, no one could read the Bible in their own language.

How did we get from there to here? Discover the wild and exciting story of Christianity for the last 500 years, so you can understand how the world ended up the way it is now, avoid repeating the mistakes of the past, and gain inspiration from heroic people who made a difference.
# Title Speaker Time Video
1 Introduction Sean Finnegan 47:24 Watch
2 Martin Luther & John Calvin Sean Finnegan 55:08 Watch
3 Zwingli and the Swiss Brethren Sean Finnegan 36:22 Watch
4 Sattler, Münster, & Simons Sean Finnegan 48:55 Watch
5 Unitarian Trailblazers Sean Finnegan 59:59 Watch
6 The Socinian Movement Sean Finnegan 42:35 Watch
7 Reformations on the Continent Sean Finnegan 45:21 Watch
8 Christianity in East Asia Sean Finnegan 42:27 Watch
9 Reformations in Britain Sean Finnegan 55:12 Watch
10 Dissidents in Britain Sean Finnegan 51:26 Watch
11 Catholicism Sean Finnegan 47:47 Watch
12 Colonials & Methodists Sean Finnegan 46:49 Watch
13 Losing Faith Sean Finnegan 56:11 Watch
14 Missionaries & Adventists Sean Finnegan 48:57 Watch
15 Twentieth Century American Christianity Sean Finnegan 56:55 Watch
16 Our Story & Review Sean Finnegan 56:11 Watch
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