LHIM Educational Class

By Various Speakers
September 23, 2014

The Prophet Ezekiel lived in exile during the Babylonian captivity, covering the time period just before and just after the destruction of the first Temple in 586 BC. Visions recorded by the prophet show incredible revelation from Yahweh. This Biblical Education Class (BEC) will explore both the historical and eschatological context.

The truths presented in this course will be of interest to both the seasoned Bible student as well as someone new to the faith. Please join us for this eight week course as Vince Finnegan and John Cortright take us on an exciting journey into one of the most thought-provoking books of the Hebrew Scriptures.
# Title Speaker Time Video Notes
1 Introduction, Background, and Overview John Cortright 43:53 Watch Read
2 The Vision--The Glory of Yahweh Vince Finnegan 51:30 Watch
3 Ezekiel's Commission / Response John Cortright 49:28 Watch Read
4 Jerusalem's Siege and Destruction Sean Finnegan 45:26 Watch
5 Judgement on Judah's Mountains Sean Finnegan 33:35 Watch Read
6 Restoration on Judah's Mountains Sean Finnegan 50:52 Watch
7 Ezekiel Chapters 8-11: Vision of Abominations in Jerusalem John Cortright 45:09 Watch Read
8 Ezekiel 40-48: Vision of a Restored Temple John Cortright 51:49 Watch
9 Leadership Rebuked Sean Finnegan 47:25 Watch Read
10 Leadership Restored Sean Finnegan 43:52 Watch
11 Judah's Sins Revealed John Cortright 53:00 Watch Read
12 Jerusalem Is under Siege, Destroyed John Cortright 34:30 Watch
13 Judgment on Tyre John Cortright 54:31 Watch Read
14 Judgment on Egypt Sean Finnegan 50:14 Watch
15 Valley Of Dry Bones Sean Finnegan 44:19 Watch Read
16 Prophecy against God; Last Day Invasion of Israel John Cortright 55:10 Watch

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