LHIM Educational Class

Supernatural Healing
By Various Speakers
September 22, 2015

The sin of Adam caused "death by sin" to all mankind. Jesus, the second Adam, caused redemption to be available to all who believe. Since disease, that is incipient death, entered into the world by sin, its true remedy must be found in the redemption of Christ. Many hold uncertainty concerning God's will for the healing of the whole man; therefore, we hear people say, "if it be Thy will, please heal me." Such declarations undermine the faith necessary to receive God's gracious gift of salvation and wholeness. Supernatural Healing will provide a biblical view on the subject as it relates to our body, mind, and spirit. Additional to the teaching about physical healing, the spiritual realm and demons' influence will be reviewed. Since "faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God," we can expect God's supernatural involvement as a result of this teaching.
# Title Speaker Time Video Notes
1 Introduction 46:12 Watch Read
2 Prayer and Faith 45:43 Watch
3 Faith and Healing 47:01 Watch Read
4 Yahweh My God 48:30 Watch
5 Yahweh, Your Healer 45:37 Watch Read
6 Faith that Endures 42:40 Watch
7 Redemption and Healing 47:01 Watch Read
8 Confession and Healing 49:22 Watch
9 Willing and Able 48:15 Watch Read
10 Obedience and Healing 46:21 Watch
11 Healthy Living 47:58 Watch Read
12 Humility and Healing - Bronze Serpent 49:35 Watch
13 Jesus on Healing 44:31 Watch Read
14 Ministering Healing to Others 51:38 Watch

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