LHIM Educational Class

The Twelve
By John Cortright
September 20, 2016

Join John Cortright as he teaches through the last twelve books of the Old Testament, the Minor Prophets. In the original Hebrew cannon these books were one book called "The Twelve." These books cover a time period of about 300 years from the time of the kings of Israel and Judah, through the 70 years of captivity in Babylon, to the time of the return and the rebuilding of the temple. This class will present a survey study and overview of these prophetic books, which hold both historical content for the times in which they were written, as well as understanding of future events.
# Title Speaker Time Video Notes
1 Introduction to 'The Twelve' John Cortright 30:35 Watch Read
2 Hosea Introduction: Background John Cortright 39:57 Watch
3 Hosea-The Message John Cortright 32:41 Watch Read
4 Joel John Cortright 41:32 Watch
5 Amos John Cortright 32:20 Watch Read
6 Obadiah John Cortright 26:09 Watch
7 Jonah John Cortright 32:05 Watch Read
8 Micah Background John Cortright 35:48 Watch
9 Micah-The Message John Cortright 36:01 Watch Read
10 Nahum John Cortright 31:34 Watch
11 Habakkuk John Cortright 33:56 Watch Read
12 Zephaniah John Cortright 40:08 Watch
13 Haggai John Cortright 42:08 Watch Read
14 Zechariah John Cortright 39:46 Watch
15 Zechariah Ch 6-14 John Cortright 34:38 Watch Read
16 Malachi John Cortright 34:16 Watch

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