LHIM Educational Class

Christian Sexual Ethics
By Various Speakers
January 17, 2017

The sexual immorality of our time influences everyone from our children to every adult. Society is determining the moral ethics that are contradictory to the scriptures. Everyone who participates in the class will be given an understanding that will help to combat the evil onslaught and to live a Godly life. Children, parents and grandparents will benefit from the biblical ethics set forth in this class.
# Title Speaker Time Video Notes
1 Introducing Christian Sexual Ethics Sean Finnegan 30:28 Watch Read
2 God of Pleasure Vince Finnegan 31:28 Watch
3 Sex before Marriage Sean Finnegan 39:30 Watch Read
4 Sex within Marriage Vince Finnegan 38:08 Watch
5 Sex Outside of Marriage Vince Finnegan 39:26 Watch Read
6 Divorce and Remarriage Sean Finnegan 46:10 Watch
7 Problems with Pornography Sean Finnegan 29:49 Watch Read
8 Pornography Solutions Sean Finnegan 34:55 Watch
9 Biblical Boundaries for Same-Sex Attraction Sean Finnegan 33:18 Watch Read
10 Questions about Gay and Lesbian Christians Sean Finnegan 38:03 Watch
11 Prostitution, Incest, Rape, and Polygamy Sean Finnegan 35:28 Watch Read
12 Ever-loving Arms Vince Finnegan 29:16 Watch
13 Singleness and Modesty Sean Finnegan 34:42 Watch Read
14 Judge Not; Judge Vince Finnegan 40:35 Watch

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