LHIM Educational Class

Why Christianity
By Various Speakers
February 05, 2019

If you aren't excited about your faith, you probably won't share it with others. This class aims to show you why Christianity is awesome. Our goal is to help you understand your faith better and see how it compares to other ways of thinking and living. Come and get encouraged.
# Title Speaker Time Video Notes
1 Introduction Jerry Wierwille 30:16 Watch Read
2 Lay of the Land Sean Finnegan 32:31 Watch Read
3 God is Real Sean Finnegan 36:22 Watch Read
4 Believing in God is not Stupid Jerry Wierwille 39:02 Watch Read
5 The Resurrection Happened Sean Finnegan 37:30 Watch Read
6 The Origin and Authority of the Bible Jerry Wierwille 33:03 Watch Read
7 Metanarratives and The Fall Daniel Fitzsimmons 24:24 Watch Read
8 Redemption and Restoration Jerry Wierwille 29:41 Watch Read
9 Christian Freedom and Morality Sean Finnegan 32:06 Watch Read
10 Suffering and Evil Jerry Wierwille 30:16 Watch Read
11 Christian Identity Jerry Wierwille 23:08 Watch Read
12 Christian Inclusiveness Sean Finnegan 32:41 Watch Read
13 The Heart Sean Finnegan 33:56 Watch Read
14 Christian Community Daniel Fitzsimmons 27:30 Watch Read
15 Jesus the Revolutionary Daniel Fitzsimmons 22:44 Watch Read
16 Changed Lives Sean Finnegan 36:47 Watch Read

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