LHIM Educational Class

Kingdom Covenants
By Various Speakers
September 19, 2019

From the beginning God had a purpose for creation. However, sin entered into the world and with it came death upon all humanity. The earth itself suffers from the destructive ramifications of sin. However, God has not left us without hope. Since the fall He put in place a plan for the restoration of all things. This includes man’s salvation, eternal life, and the promise of a new heaven and a new earth. God secured His word with solemn promises, covenants, that He made with man that solidify the certainty of what He has promised. Come join us for our fall Biblical Education Class “Kingdom Covenants” as we explore the scriptures and journey into an understanding of the covenants, the kingdom of God, and we will take a look at what the Bible tells us about our future, the hope that awaits the people of God.
# Title Speaker Time Video Notes
1 God's Word is Faithful - Introduction John Cortright 34:45 Watch Read
2 God's Judgments Vince Finnegan 47:23 Watch
3 Abrahamic Covenant - Part 1 Vince Finnegan 44:18 Watch Read
4 0:02 / 33:59 Abrahamic Covenant - Part 2 Vince Finnegan 33:59 Watch
5 The Davidic Covenant - Part 1 John Cortright 40:21 Watch Read
6 The Davidic Covenant - Part 2 John Cortright 36:22 Watch
7 The Mosaic Covenant - Part 1 Vince Finnegan 47:11 Watch Read
8 The Mosaic Covenant - Part 2 Vince Finnegan 29:23 Watch
9 Jesus Christ fulfilled the Law John Cortright 43:58 Watch Read
10 The New Covenant John Cortright 46:40 Watch
11 The End Times and Fulfillment of the Covenants John Cortright 46:01 Watch Read
12 The Structure and Nature of the Millennial Rule John Cortright 46:16 Watch
13 The Restoration Vince Finnegan 48:48 Watch Read
14 The New Heaven and Earth John Cortright 40:03 Watch
15 New Covenant People Vince Finnegan 47:10 Watch Read

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