LHIM Educational Class

New Covenant Theology
By Various Speakers
January 26, 2021

Like looking at the picture of a jigsaw puzzle before putting it together, this class will present a comprehensive biblical framework for understanding God’s plan of redemption from creation to final kingdom. By demonstrating the progression and interrelationship between God’s covenants in Scripture, you will see how God’s plan is ultimately fulfilled in the New Covenant. Understanding how God has worked to restore creation through covenant relationships will provide perspective and clarity as you read his story.

This class divides into three main parts: (1) biblical frameworks, (2) biblical covenants, and (3) new covenant theology. In the first part we will consider dispensationalism, covenant theology, and progressive covenantalism. In the second part we will work through the covenants God made with Adam/Noah, Abraham, Moses/Israel, and David to understand how God moved forward his plan of redemption through covenants. In the final and most substantial part we will explain what the new covenant is, how it relates to previous covenants (especially the Mosaic covenant), how Christ exemplified and inaugurated the new covenant, and how the new covenant affects our ultimate kingdom hope.
# Title Speaker Time
1 Introducing Biblical Frameworks Sean Finnegan 00:28:39
2 Defining Dispensationalism Jerry Wierwille 00:29:22
3 Evaluating Dispensationalism Sean Finnegan 00:37:10
4 Defining Covenantalism Jerry Wierwille 00:26:58
5 Evaluating Covenant Theology Sean Finnegan 00:33:10
6 Defining New Covenant Theology Jerry Wierwille 00:26:37
7 Creation Covenant Sean Finnegan 00:36:58
8 Abrahamic Covenant Jerry Wierwille 00:36:04
9 Old Covenant Part 1 Jerry Wierwille 00:31:05
10 Old Covenant Part 2 Sean Finnegan 00:38:25
11 Davidic Covenant Sean Finnegan 00:38:09
12 New Covenant Prophecies Jerry Wierwille 00:35:15
13 Jesus: Faithful Israelite Under the Old Covenant Jerry Wierwille 00:36:12
14 Jesus: New Covenant Exemplar and Teacher Sean Finnegan 00:36:31
15 Christ's Death Inaugurates the New Covenant Sean Finnegan 00:39:08
16 Israel & the Church in Romans 9-11 (Part 1) Jerry Wierwille 00:37:03
17 Israel & the Church in Romans 9-11 (Part 2) Jerry Wierwille 00:48:45
18 The Land Promise Sean Finnegan 00:41:43
19 Old Covenant Identity Markers Jerry Wierwille 00:41:08
20 New Covenant Identity Markers Sean Finnegan 00:40:07
21 The End Times Jerry Wierwille 00:37:12
22 New Covenant Theology Summary and Q&A Jerry Wierwille 00:19:25
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