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Supernatural Christianity
By Vince Finnegan
January 11, 2022

Jesus healed thousands afflicted with sickness, diseases, pains, and demons. Innumerable miracles, signs, and wonders were part of his ministry as he taught and preached the Kingdom of God. He commissioned the 12 apostles and 70 disciples to do likewise. Supernatural power was commonplace and drew multitudes to believe in him and glorify God. Did the supernatural cease after his ascension into heaven? Not according to the book
of Acts.

In the first century, many signs and wonders were taking place. The supernatural was so powerful the sick were carried into the streets so that at least the shadow of Peter might fall on them, and they could be healed. The sick and those afflicted with unclean spirits were frequently healed. So, what changed?

In the class, Supernatural Christianity, Vince Finnegan will explain from the Scriptures and history why things changed and how to recapture the supernatural.

Understanding that Jesus ministered miraculously as a human being is exceedingly important to all those he commissions to live as he did and to do the works that he did. Without recognition of Christ’s humanity, no one can expect to do the same works that Christ promised in John 14:12. God was the one who performed the miracles, wonders, and signs through Jesus. Jesus was not the initiator or the power source for what he did and spoke. If we acknowledge his works and emulate his faith, we too can walk by the supernatural.
# Title Speaker Time
1 Unseen Spiritual Realm Part One Vince Finnegan 00:38:55
2 Unseen Spiritual Realm Part Two Vince Finnegan 00:27:20
3 Expect the Supernatural Vince Finnegan 00:28:17
4 God's Plan of Redemption Vince Finnegan 00:37:51
5 Jesus' Ministry Vince Finnegan 00:33:08
6 Focus on Jesus Vince Finnegan 00:35:18
7 Our Supernatural Lord Part One Vince Finnegan 00:37:39
8 Our Supernatural Lord Part Two Vince Finnegan 00:43:15
9 Individual Healings Part One Vince Finnegan 00:41:32
10 Individual Healings Part Two Vince Finnegan 00:40:48
11 Faith & Doubt Part One Vince Finnegan 00:47:33
12 Faith & Doubt Part Two Vince Finnegan 00:48:02
13 Faith & Doubt Part Three Vince Finnegan 00:33:35
14 Unseen Evil Realm Vince Finnegan 00:47:07
15 Victory in Jesus Christ Vince Finnegan 00:29:19
16 Spiritual Warfare Vince Finnegan 00:43:57
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