LHIM Educational Class

The Living Hope
By Vince Finnegan
September 27, 2022

God’s Kingdom is coming to earth – let the good times roll! The faithful ones will be born again, transformed with regenerated, perfect, and eternal bodies and minds. The physical earth will experience enormous renovation. A complete restructuring of human society with a divine government coordinated by our Lord Jesus and the resurrected saints will take place. Righteousness, justice, peace, prosperity, and godliness will prevail, everywhere. The knowledge of our glorious hope should powerfully impact our outlook and lifestyle.

Jesus expected people to respond radically to the Kingdom gospel. He preached and continually said, "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." Repentance is not merely a change of mind, but a radical change of one’s life that especially involves forsaking sin and turning or returning to God. “At hand” implies that believers should prepare for the Kingdom arrival with the greatest urgency.

Both the Old and New Testaments are jam-packed with information about the return of Christ and the coming Kingdom. The aim of this class is to gain a fuller knowledge of our hope that will fortify you to endure life’s struggles with joy. Furthermore, the Scriptures will inspire a more consecrated and committed lifestyle.
# Title Speaker Time
1 Hope's Motivation Part 1 Vince Finnegan 00:32:03
2 Hope's Motivation Part 2 Vince Finnegan 00:27:18
3 Our Hope in View Part 1 Vince Finnegan 00:42:06
4 Our Hope in View Part 2 Vince Finnegan 00:32:02
5 King Jesus Part 1 Vince Finnegan 00:35:37
6 King Jesus Part 2 Vince Finnegan 00:35:17
7 Jesus' Teaching on the End Times Vince Finnegan 00:40:18
8 The Abomination of Desolation Vince Finnegan 00:44:04
9 Cliff Notes of Daniel Vince Finnegan 00:47:20
10 Revelation 13 Vince Finnegan 00:38:25
11 Israel's Hope Vince Finnegan 00:42:35
12 City of God Vince Finnegan 00:37:00
13 The End of the World Sexual Immorality Part 1 Vince Finnegan 00:39:41
14 The End of the World Sexual Immorality Part 2 Vince Finnegan 00:47:12
15 Rewards Vince Finnegan 00:45:01
16 Administrators and Priests of the New World Order Vince Finnegan 00:28:06
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