Jesus, God’s Agent

By Sean Finnegan

God works through agents whether messengers or deputies.

When messengers speak for God, they speak as if they are God, because they are his agents.

God's original intention for making humanity in his image was that we would rule over the world for him.

God's representatives include his divine counsel, judges, priests, and kings.

Because God's agents represent him, the Bible occasionally calls them Gods/gods.

As God's supreme agent, the Messiah is properly called God/god in this secondary sense (Heb 1:8)

Out of the seven dictionaries I checked, all of them recognize that a human can be called “God”.

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  1. The OT also records many people actually seeing YHWH, the LORD God Himself: * Moses was allowed to see His "back": Ex 33:23. Prophets like: * Ezekiel 1, the vision of the Godmobile; * Isaiah 6, YHWH sitting on His throne; * Micaiah similarly says he saw YHWH sitting on His throne, and all the host of heaven standing on His right and on His left." 2Chron 18:18; * Amos says he saw YHWH twice in 7.7; 9.1;

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