Jesus, God’s Subordinate Son

By Sean Finnegan

The bible routinely recognizes the subordination of the Son to his Father. Throughout his ministry on earth, Jesus repeatedly and unapologetically taught, "The Father is greater than I" (John 14.28). Further, after his exaltation, Jesus remains dependent on the Father as his superior (1 Cor 11.3). Then, even once the age to come arrives, the Son will remain in subjection to the Father forever (1 Cor 15.28). In addition to covering many of these subordination texts, we'll also consider what Jesus meant when he said "I and my Father are one" in John 10.30 and overview some of the possibilities for interpreting John 1.1.

In Christ’s ministry on earth, he was subordinate to the Father.

In Christ’s ministry in heaven, he remains subordinate to the Father.

In Christ’s future ministry, he will continue to be subordinate to the Father.

Whether past, present, or future, Christ is all about giving God glory and following his direction.

John 10.30 is about the oneness the Father and Son have in caring for the sheep.

The “Word” or “word” in John 1.1 has various meanings. John does not explain what he meant. What’s clear though is that the Word became a human being in Jesus Christ.

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