Scripture Build Up Acts/Epistles

By Jerry Wierwille

The records of the Christian church beginning in the Book of Acts dovetail with the NT letters that were written during that time period. We can gain much helpful background information and understanding by reading the historical records in Acts along with the NT letters.

Paul’s First Missionary Journey Begun Acts 13:4-14:28 48
Writing of James James 48-52
Writing of Galatians Galatians 48-52
Council at Jerusalem Acts 15:6-35 50
Paul’s Second Missionary Journey Begun Acts 15:39-18:22 51
Writing of I Thessalonians I Thessalonians 51
Writing of II Thessalonians II Thessalonians 51/52
Paul’s Third Missionary Journey Begun Acts 18:23-21:17 54
Writing of I Corinthians I Corinthians 55
Writing of II Corinthians II Corinthians 55
Writing of Romans Romans 57
Paul's Arrest at Jerusalem Acts 21:26-22:29 58
Paul at Caesarea Acts 23:23-26:32 59
Paul Starts for Rome Acts 27:1-2 60
Paul Reaches Rome Acts 28:11-16a 61
Paul's Imprisonment at Rome Acts 28:16b-31 61-63
Writing of Ephesians Ephesians 61
Writing of Colossians Colossians 61
Writing of Philemon Philemon 61
Writing of Philippians Philippians 61
Writing of I Peter I Peter 63
Writing of Hebrews Hebrews 63
Writing of I Timothy I Timothy 63-65
Writing of Titus Titus 63-65
Writing of II Peter II Peter 65
Writing of II Timothy II Timothy 67-68
Writing of Jude Jude 68-75
Writing of I, II, and III John I John; II John; III John 85-90

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