Experience these great stories of faith to see how God reaches out to people and rescues them from the enemy. We pray that by watching these testimonies you will be encouraged. If you or someone you know has a story that you would like to share with the community, please email us (info@lhim.org). Until the kingdom comes (the ultimate time to hear stories of faith) we pray that these stories will inspire you to reach out to the lost with the gospel of the kingdom, cross, and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Name Time Video Audio Text
Jim Bodnar 4:04 min Watch Listen
Wendy Bruno 4:33 min Watch
Teri Carlon 2 pages Read
Bud Charbonneau 3:21 min Watch
Chuck Cumella 7:42 min Watch
Jimmy Finnegan 17:22 min Watch
Mimi Finnegan 6:50 min Watch
LaBreeska Hemphill 4:20 min Watch
Brian Kelly 5:47 min Watch
Jay Kline (1) 7:23 min Watch
Jay Kline (2) 4:52 min Watch
Donald MacMillan 2:48 min Watch
Mike McHugh 11 pages Read
Madi Murphy 23:07 min Listen
Thom Riley 7:15 min Watch Listen
John Roller 5 pages Read
Sarah-Jane Rounds 6:04 min Watch
Steve Schule 4:49 Watch
Dustin Smith 15:53 min Listen
Marcy Turley 43:18 min Listen
Mary Ann Yaconis 6:03 min Watch