Christian Sexual Ethics Class

Join us for our brand new class on Christian Sexual Ethics starting tomorrow (Jan 17th) at 7pm!

Have you ever wondered what the bible teaches about sexuality?  In this 8 week biblical education class, Vince and Sean Finnegan will survey a broad range of issues related to Christian Sexual Ethics.  The aim of this Tuesday night class is to understand God's perspective on physical pleasure, marriage, cohabitation, divorce, adultery, pornography, same sex attraction, gender, and transgender.  Not only will you learn what the bible says on these important topics, but you'll also get equipped to give an answer to people when they question or criticize you for holding to "traditional" values.  Whether you're married or single, same-sex attracted or straight, a teenager or a grandparent, this class will help you get biblically grounded on these important topics without casting judgment or compromising under the pressure of our culture.


This class runs Tuesdays starting tomorrow (January 17th) from 7:00-8:30pm at Living Hope Community Church (458 Old Niskayuna Road, Latham, NY).  You can watch it live online on our webcast page.

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  1. Judy
    I hope you put this on the online classes site thank you very much
  2. Timypaul Lupe
    This class undergirded my belief on what God is expecting from us as followers of Christ. We are living in a very tumultuous world filled with a high rate of sexual immorality when good has become bad and bad is praised. I strongly believe in no sex before marriage and keeping this discipline has been, and still is a struggle when you have unsupportive people around you determined to cause you to stumble. I'm thankful that such a wonderful and very instructive class exists, it has really motivated me to know that I'm not meandering but abiding into God's will and doing things the way he designed it is always ideal. I thank Rev. Vince Finnegan & Rev. Sean Finnegan for implementing this class.

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