Our Elders

Sean Finnegan

Sean Finnegan serves as the Lead Pastor of Living Hope Community Church.  He teaches on Sundays, runs a mid-week home fellowship, writes articles for Glad Tidings, and serves the congregation's needs.  He is married to Ruth and has four sons and a dog.



Thom Riley

Thom Riley serves as the Treasurer of Living Hope Community Church.  He coordinates the Audio Team and is actively involved with our sister churches in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and the Republic of the Congo.



Jim Bodnar

Jim Bodnar serves in Music Ministry and has coordinated the music for special events, like Family Camp and KingdomFest.  He is also involved with the Audio Team.



Rich Elton

Rich leads the Congo Child Sponsorship Program and coordinates the annual Men’s Conference. He also leads a Bible Study at a state prison, serves at a Christian mission for the homeless, and at a local soup kitchen.  Rich enjoys all kinds of wilderness sports and gets outdoors as often as possible. As a professional scientist, he loves science and nature, which reveal the awesomeness of our Creator. You’ll often find him outside worshipping God in His “grand cathedral.”  Rich and his wife, Cheryl live in Queensbury and have two adult sons.


Michael Finnegan

Michael serves as the Benevolence Coordinator where he has an opportunity to help the church with their needs. He also helps coordinate the annual Men's Conference. Michael has a wife and 3 children.



Jerry Wierwille

Jerry serves as the Worship Leader and oversees the Music Ministry at Living Hope Community Church, inspiring people to sing praise and glory to our God and to the Lord Jesus Christ. In addition, Jerry is a pastor and preaches regularly at Sunday services, and also counsels God's people, helping foster a healthy community and spiritual family of God.



Sean Kelly




Andy Garner