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Welcome to Living Hope's Prayer Center. Prayer is our God-given way to commune and communicate with the Almighty Creator and Sustainer of heaven and earth.

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Prayer Requests

All prayer requests will be sent to the e-prayer team through email. You may choose to have your prayer request appear on this page as well (which means more people will see it). Please note, all prayer requests are subject to approval. If you have an emergency, please call us at 518-785-8888. Help us stay current by sending us updates to existing prayer requests, even if prayer is no longer needed. If you would like to have private prayer with Rev. Jay Kline, please email him at
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E-Prayer Teams

Join the e-prayer team, and we will send you prayer requests by email as we receive them. By joining, you agree to pray (at least once) each time you receive a prayer request. If you would like your name removed from this list, we will do so immediately. (We do not share your information with others outside of the e-prayer team.)
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Enhance Your Prayer Time

Do you struggle to commune and cultivate intimacy with our Father? Do you find yourself running out of things to say or repeating yourself? If this has been your experience then you may want to try using the prayer wheel. Adapted from Dick Eastman's The Hour that Changes the World, the prayer wheel is designed so that spending five minutes per section you would be able to pray for an hour uninterupted.
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