One God Over All

We are excited to announce our newest class, One God Over All, which we will be live streaming for FREE, starting September 28th.

Class Description

Join Sean Finnegan as he works through Scripture to build a biblical theology of the one true God and his Son, Jesus the Messiah.  Not only will we see the many verses that teach the Father alone is God, but we will also explore commonly misunderstood texts that seem to contradict our God’s oneness.  In addition, this class will cover the history of how the church left the strict monotheism of the Bible and, in the fourth century, developed the doctrine of the Trinity.


This class will be taught by Sean Finnegan.

Sean Finnegan serves as the Lead Pastor of Living Hope Community Church. He holds a master's degree in Early Christian History from Boston University and a bachelor's in Theology from Atlanta Bible College.  He is also the host of Restitutio, a podcast dedicated to restoring authentic Christianity.  Sean's omnivorous appetite has led him to pursue research in theology, Bible, Hebrew, Greek, apologetics, ethics, and church history. However, his greatest passion is the Great Commission--reaching the lost with the gospel of the kingdom and helping Christ-followers deepen their discipleship (Matthew 28:19-20).  See Sean's articles, sermons, and classes.


Join live sessions from 7:00 to 8:30pm (EST), each Tuesday from September 28th to November 16th (8 weeks). Each session will include two teachings with a break between them. If you miss a live session, we will email you the YouTube video.

Here is the outline for this class.

  1. Yahweh the Supreme Creator
  2. Yahweh Is Our God; Yahweh Is One
  3. Yahweh Versus the Idols
  4. Yahweh, the God of Jesus
  5. Jesus, God’s Messiah
  6. Jesus, God’s Subordinate Son
  7. Jesus, God’s Agent
  8. Jesus Called God
  9. Christ Crucified and Raised
  10. Christ Ascended and Exalted
  11. Spirit of God and Christ
  12. One God in Early Church History
  13. One God in the Fourth Century
  14. One God Today


The Bible, English Standard Version

Recommended Reading

Christ Before Creeds
by Jeff Deuble

The Only True God
by Eric Chang


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    We hope you'll join us as we delve into a better understanding of the one God and his magnificent Son!

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    1. Am so blessed and edified by all teachings which I learn now . Its my hunger and desire to learn more .
    2. Registered during your partner presentation at the UGC Conferebce. Great presentation. Thanks!

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