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2012 Winter Advance   Listen to teachings from both adults and teens centered on the theme Shine. "Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven." --Matthew 5:16 {12 speakers on 7 audios--approximately 5 hours and 50 minutes}

Women's Day 2008   On February 2nd, 2008 we held a a Women's Fellowship at Living Hope Community Church from 10:00am until 3:00pm. Below are the audio records from this events. A number of our sisters shared about a time when someone was kind to them. There were also Bible teachings interspersed.
{5 sharings and 4 teachings--approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes}

Gathering Together Advance 2007   The Gathering Together Advance is a weekend of celebration held at Silver Bay in Lake George, New York. Teachers included Rev. Chuck Cummella, Rev. John Cortright, Rev. John McCave, Rev. Pam Byzdyra, and Rev. Vince Finnegan.
{5 teachings--approximately 4 hours}

Marriage Alive 2006   The weekend consisted of teachings and activities that focused on making our marriages a glory to God. Topics presented included the spiritual struggle, finances, spreading the gospel together, and more.
{7 teachings--approximately 6 hours}

Our Godly Heritage   was originally recorded during a weekend in which the teachings focused on the people of the Bible as our people, our heritage, and our spiritual ancestors. Time was spent looking at these godly men and women as examples for us today. What a great joy it will be when we meet these dear sisters and brothers of faith in the kingdom of God and tell them how they set an example for us to follow.
{6 sessions--approximately 4½ hours}

Free Downloadable Classes   Class topics include evangelism, parenting, holy spirit, Greek, and the Christian worldview. Click on this option to get more information and to select which class you would like to access.

Kingdom of God Webpage   This page features free mp3s, articles, and videos by a vareity of different people who believe that the theme of the Bible is that one day God is going to send back his Son to begin the restoration process that will result in paradise on earth. Furthermore, the message (gospel) that Jesus and the apostles preached from town to town was primarily focused on this grand coming event--the kingdom of God.

God is 1 not 3 Webpage   Contrary to popular mainstream ideas, the Bible teaches that the Father of Jesus is the only true God (John 17.3). Our God is 1 not 3 page contains many free mp3s, articles, and videos by a vareity of believers in the one God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Jesus.

Death is Sleep Webpage   What happens when people die? Though nearly all religions teach that at death one's soul separates from his or her body, the Bible expresses a different idea. In fact, the Scriptures repeatedly compare death to sleep because the dead are not conscious. Log on to this webpage if you are interested in mp3s, articles, and videos related to this fascinating subject.