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New Testament Greek

by Karl Maresco

September 30, 2007

Karl Maresco teaches a beginning biblical Greek class starting with the alphabet and pronunciation and continuing on to noun case endings as well as verbs. The class was taught for the students present rather than for recording purposes, but may still be of great benefit to internet listeners. Generally the Greek textbook by Hewitt was followed. Listen in and begin to unlock the world of the New Testament in the language of its manuscripts.

 1  Introduction & Alphabet 1  69:27  audio  notes 
 2  Alphabet 2 & Dipthongs  62:43  audio  notes 
 3  Sight reading/Noun Cases  66:14  audio  notes 
 4  Masculine and Neuter 2nd Declensions  59:19  audio  notes 
 5  2nd Declension Review and 1st Declension  65:20  audio  notes 
 6  Prepositions  73:29  audio  notes 
 7  reading, review, verbs (present tense)  73:27  audio  notes 
 8  present verbs, future verbs, square of stops  58:58  audio  notes 
 9  reading, homework review, verbs  66:29  audio  notes 
 10  practice on nouns & verbs, adjectives, to be  71:33  audio  notes 
 11  hw, verb review, masculine nouns, neuter nouns  62:39  audio  notes 
 12  vocab, review feminine nouns  66:34  audio  notes 
 13  hw, more nouns, pronouns, conjunctions, particles  68:07  audio  notes 
 14  personal pronouns, relative pronouns  68:28  audio  notes 
 15  hw review focusing on relative pronouns  62:57  audio  notes 
 16  new verbs, adjectives, & pronouns  66:34  audio  notes 
 17  hw review, new vocab  55:12  audio  notes 
 18  attributive prepositions, 1 John 3  56:34  audio  notes 

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