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by Dr. Mary Ann Yaconis

May 6, 2008

"From childhood you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus."
II Timothy 3:15

What should children be taught from the Bible? How does a child learn to be spiritually minded? These and many other questions concerning raising children according to the Scriptures will be discussed in this five week class. Topics will cover the basics of instruction and discipline, developmental stages of children and corresponding family systems, and practical keys to apply this knowledge in a godly way. The class will cover from infancy through teen years. Whether you have children, grandchildren, or are married and are planning on children, this class will assist you in your primary task of parenting children God's way. Couples are encouraged to attend together.

 1  Setting The Stage for Godly Discipline  62:10  audio 
 2  Practical Keys in Discipline -- Part One  58:33  audio 
 3  Practical Keys in Discipline -- Part Two  38:16  audio 
 4  Practical Keys in Discipline -- Part Three  54:40  audio 
 5  Parenting Together with the Cortrights  51:17  audio 
 6  Parenting God's Children  38:29  audio 
 7  Parenting Together with the Rileys  55:20  audio 
 8  Encouragement for Parenting  23:11  audio 

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