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by various speakers

June 6, 2008

This class focuses on what the biblical gospel is and how to effectively speak the gospel of the kingdom and the cross to a world in desperate need. Teaching titles included: Defining the Biblical Gospel, The Aim of Evangelism, A Method for Doing Evangelism, and more. Teachers included Victor Gluckin, Nathan Crowder, and Sean Finnegan. The class is also available for sale in our bookstore on audio CD.

 1  Defining the Biblical Gospel (part one)  Sean Finnegan  48:25  audio 
 2  Defining the Biblical Gospel (part two)  Victor Gluckin  51:56  audio 
 3  The Aims of Evangelism  Nathan Crowder  52:20  audio 
 4  A Method for Doing Evangelism  Victor Gluckin  56:31  audio 
 5  Guidelines for Communicating Effectively  Sean Finnegan  44:04  audio 
 6  Overcoming Objections (Q&A From Audience)  Nathan, Victor, and Sean  85:46  audio 
 7  Now Is Our Time To Speak  Victor Gluckin  47:50  audio 

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