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Indispensable Biblical Truths

by various speakers

October 27, 2009

There are certain essential, indispensable truths that provide the foundation for Christian faith and practice. This covers such topics as Worshiping God, Prayer, How to study the Scriptures, Monotheism One God, The Messiah- The Christ, Who is Jesus, The Gospel of the Kingdom of God, The Covenants of God, The Cross and the Accomplished work of Christ, The Spiritual Realm, The Holy Spirit, What Happens when you Die, and Our Hope. These are necessary fundamentals that every truth seeking disciple of Christ should know and understand. This class was team taught by Vince Finnegan, John Cortright, and Chuck Cumella.

 1  Worshipping God  Rev. Vince Finnegan  52:22  audio 
 2  Prayer  Rev. John Cortright  51:07  audio 
 3  The Inspired Scriptures  Rev. John Cortright  48:49  audio 
 4  How to Study the Scriptures  Rev. John Cortright  49:32  audio 
 5  Monotheism  Rev. Vince Finnegan  42:57  audio 
 6  One God -- Flee Idolatry  Rev. Vince Finnegan  46:28  audio 
 7  The Messiah -- The Christ  Rev. John Cortright  51:03  audio 
 8  Who Is Jesus?  Rev. Vince Finnegan  38:42  audio 
 9  The Covenants of God  Rev. Vince Finnegan  50:36  audio 
 10  The Gospel of the Kingdom  Rev. John Cortright  51:10  audio 
 11  The Cross  Rev. Chuck Cumella  47:49  audio 
 12  The Accomplishments of Christ  Rev. Chuck Cumella  46:30  audio 
 13  The Spritual Realm  Rev. Vince Finnegan  53:49  audio 
 14  The Holy Spirit  Rev. John Cortright  52:06  audio 
 15  What Happens When You Die?  Rev. Vince Finnegan  52:03  audio 
 16  Our Hope  Rev. John Cortright  49:43  audio 

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