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by various speakers

January 13, 2009

Matthew 4:4 But he answered, "It is written, 'One does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.'"

Vince Finnegan, Sean Finnegan, Jason Benedict, John Cortright, Thom Riley, Bill Yaconis, Richard Elton, Richard Wilkinson, and Chuck Cumella team teach this class. Exploring Scripture is designed to give you a guided tour through the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Throughout this learning experience you will not only discover the core truths of Christianity but also how to read the Scriptures on your own. Themes that you will become intimately familiar with include creation, the call of Abraham, the kingdom of God, what happens after death, how to follow Jesus, and much more. Join us as we embark on a journey through the pages of Scripture to uncover God's eternal truths.

 1  Exploring Scripture  Rev. Vince Finnegan  44:20  audio 
 2  The Bible Is Inspired  Rev. Sean Finnegan  45:09  audio  notes 
 3  How It all Began  Rev. Vince Finnegan  48:38  audio  notes 
 4  Abraham  Jason Benedict  46:42  audio 
 5  The Exodus  Rev. Sean Finnegan  47:36  audio  notes 
 6  The Law  Rev. Vince Finnegan  47:18  audio  notes 
 7  Entering the Land  Rev. Sean Finnegan  47:30  audio  notes 
 8  David and Solomon  Rev. John Cortright  50:48  audio 
 9  The Divided Kingdom  Rev. Vince Finnegan  50:20  audio  notes 
 10  The Prophets  Rev. Thom Riley  38:33  audio 
 11  70 Year Exile  Rev. Sean Finnegan  47:03  audio  notes 
 12  Return from Exile  Rev. Bill Yaconis  47:20  audio  notes 
 13  Between the Testaments  Rev. Sean Finnegan  53:27  audio  notes 
 14  Kingdom Preachers  Richard Elton  47:31  audio 
 15  God and Jesus  Rev. Sean Finnegan  46:54  audio  notes 
 16  The Teachings of Jesus  Rev. Vince Finnegan  49:28  audio 
 17  Death and Resurrection  Richard Wilkinson  50:06  audio 
 18  Ascension and Return  Rev. Vince Finnegan  42:17  audio  notes 
 19  Christianity Goes Public  Rev. Chuck Cumella  57:57  audio 
 20  Gentiles Are Welcome  Rev. Sean Finnegan  50:23  audio  notes 
 21  Holy Spirit  Rev. Vince Finnegan  49:46  audio  notes 
 22  Christian Living 101  Rev. Chuck Cumella  56:21  audio 
 23  Hold Fast  Rev. Sean Finnegan  47:40  audio  notes 
 24  Your Future  Rev. John Cortright  57:10  audio  notes 

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