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by various speakers

September 23, 2008

"For I, Yahweh, do not change"
--Malachi 3:6a

Vince Finnegan and Jason Benedict show the unchanging laws of God which should direct the affairs of our lives. These laws, instituted by God, have always been the only righteous standard. Mankind has suffered to a great extent because of ignorance and/or disobedience to these laws. The book of Deuteronomy will serve as our reference point and launching pad for a study that will include the teaching of the prophets, Jesus, and the Apostle Paul.

 1  Yahweh Our God  Rev. Vince Finnegan  49:51  audio  notes 
 2  Obedience  Jason Benedict  49:55  audio  notes 
 3  Idolatry  Jason Benedict  44:37  audio  notes 
 4  Yahweh Is Just  Rev. Vince Finnegan  53:02  audio  notes 
 5  Ten Commandments  Rev. Vince Finnegan  51:16  audio  notes 
 6  Sanctification  Jason Benedict  56:46  audio  notes 
 7  Grace  Rev. Vince Finnegan  51:06  audio  notes 
 8  Remember Yahweh  Jason Benedict  42:38  audio  notes 
 9  Religion  Rev. Vince Finnegan  55:38  audio  notes 
 10  Charity  Jason Benedict  41:49  audio  notes 
 11  The Feasts of Yahweh  Jason Benedict  47:21  audio  notes 
 12  The Laws of the Law (1)  Rev. Vince Finnegan  49:49  audio  notes 
 13  The Laws of the Law (2)  Rev. Vince Finnegan  48:37  audio  notes 
 14  Deuteronomy 25-28  Jason Benedict  42:06  audio  notes 
 15  Deuteronomy 29-31  Jason Benedict  37:01  audio  notes 
 16  The Song of Moses  Rev. Vince Finnegan  44:27  audio  notes 

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