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Marriage Conference

by various speakers

October 22, 2011

The marriage relationship requires understanding of biblical principles and faithful due diligence. Marriage, like anything of importance, needs constant maintenance and nurturing. The relationship is ever changing and therefore needs constant adjustments. This biblically based conference provides insight to the newly committed and refreshing to the more seasoned couples.

 1  Marriage - God's Design  John Cortright  40:51  watch | save 
 2  Unity in Marriage  Mary Ann Yaconis  47:54  watch | save 
 3  Glorifying God in Marriage  Mimi Finnegan  48:53  watch | save 
 4  Workshop 1: Love Languages  Vince Finnegan  10:09  watch | save 
 5  Workshop 2: Personality Profiles  Vince Finnegan  33:44  watch | save 
 6  Gender Bender Presentation  Vince Finnegan  37:54  watch | save 
 7  Communication in Marriage  Connie Cortright  35:59  watch | save 
 8  Godly Relationships  Vince Finnegan  48:15  watch | save 

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