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by Rev. Vince Finnegan

April 22, 2014

The epistles of 1 and 2 Peter speak to the followers of Christ as aliens and strangers in this ungodly world in which we live. Peter provides great insight on how to live a holy life in an unholy world as we strive to remain faithful until the day of Christ's return. Suffering is something we all experience, both saints and sinners, and is a reoccurring theme with practical insight on how to endure rightly. Many essential foundational truths are set forth, and some unique and interesting concepts are addressed only in these epistles.

# title time video notes
1 Introduction 46:29watchread
2 I Peter Chapter One 43:44watch
3 Chapter One 43:55watchread
4 Lust-Holiness 45:54watch
5 The Righteous Judge 39:27watchread
6 Salvation 47:21watch
7 The New Temple 49:15watchread
8 The New Temple 40:23watch
9 God's Eternal Desire 47:33watchread
10 Submit and Honor 57:01watch
11 Holy Living 45:58watchread
12 Spirits in Prison 58:25watch
13 Suffering 49:48watchread
14 Right Living 49:46watch
15 I Peter Chapter 5 45:37watchread
16 II Peter 47:38watch

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