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by Sean Finnegan

January 19, 2016

Who is Jesus? Join Sean Finnegan as he teaches through the Gospels to help you understand the biblical life of Christ. This class will inspire you to love Jesus, teach you to follow Jesus, help you to understand Jesus, and empower you to read and understand the Gospels on your own.

# title time video notes
1 Sources for Jesus' Life 29:29watchread
2 Birth of the Messiah 31:36watch
3 Rulers in Christís World 30:14watchread
4 Baptism & Temptations 34:44watch
5 Kingdom Saturated Ministry 33:00watchread
6 Rabbi Jesus 32:31watch
7 Disciples of Jesus 33:28watchread
8 Paradoxical Submission 36:38watch
9 Jewish Groups 32:36watchread
10 Conflict 37:12watch
11 Entering Jerusalem 31:56watchread
12 Intensified Conflict 29:48watch
13 Olivet Discourse 35:40watchread
14 Last Supper 33:51watch
15 Crucifixion 34:59watchread
16 Resurrection 30:19watch

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