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Paul the Apostle

by various speakers

January 30, 2018

We'll delve deep into Paul's epistles in an effort to better understand and live out our faith powerfully. Teachers include Vince Finnegan, Sean Finnegan, John Cortright, and Jacob Rohrer.

# title speaker time video notes
1 Paul's Beginnings Vince Finnegan48:12watchread
2 From Obscurity to Missionary Jacob Rohrer53:01watch
3 Paul's Final Years John Cortright49:43watchread
4 Sin Sean Finnegan50:40watch
5 Cross John Cortright44:53watchread
6 Resurrection Jacob Rohrer43:10watch
7 Spiritual Warfare John Cortright48:53watchread
8 Ascension Sean Finnegan48:10watchread
9 Insurrection Vince Finnegan48:58watchread
10 Justification Vince Finnegan44:00watchread
11 Salvation Sean Finnegan45:39watch
12 Five Much Mores Vince Finnegan51:51watchread
13 Jesus the Christ, Our Lord Vince Finnegan37:03watchread
14 The Mystery and Calling of God John Cortright52:15watch
15 How To Treat Christians 1 Jacob Rohrer43:08watchread
16 How To Treat Christians 2 Jacob Rohrer44:28watchread
17 Household Code Sean Finnegan52:12watch
18 Be You Sean Finnegan48:51watchread
19 Manifesting the New Creation Jacob Rohrer45:20watchread
20 The Holy Spirit John Cortright54:22watch
21 Leadership Epistles Vince Finnegan53:33watchread
22 The End of the Age Sean Finnegan52:28watch
23 Fight the Good Fight of Faith John Cortright46:47watchread

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