Prayer Center   Need prayer? Send us a prayer request. Want to pray for others? Join our E-Prayer Team or pray for the requests in our Prayer Center. Also, we include a number of resources to enhance your prayer time.

Testimonies   Watch, listen, or read some great stories of faith. See how God has redeemed people from all walks of life to be His own. God is alive and changing people today! Check these testimonies out and be encouraged by our loving Father's grace and mercy.

Kingdom of God Webpage   This page features free mp3s, articles, and videos by a vareity of different people who believe that the theme of the Bible is that one day God is going to send back his Son to begin the restoration process that will result in paradise on earth. Furthermore, the message (gospel) that Jesus and the apostles preached from town to town was primarily focused on this grand coming event--the kingdom of God.

Christian Monotheism Website   Contrary to popular mainstream ideas, the Bible teaches that the Father of Jesus is the only true God (John 17.3). Our God is 1 not 3 page contains many free mp3s, articles, and videos by a vareity of believers in the one God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Jesus.

Death is Sleep Webpage   What happens when people die? Though nearly all religions teach that at death one's soul separates from his or her body, the Bible expresses a different idea. In fact, the Scriptures repeatedly compare death to sleep because the dead are not conscious. Log on to this webpage if you are interested in mp3s, articles, and videos related to this fascinating subject.

Free Online Classes and More   This section of includes audio from the Women's Breakfast, the Holy Spirit Class, Marriage Alive, Our Godly Heritage, a Parenting Class, an Evangelism Class, some Testimonies, and more. Feel free to download, copy, and distribute any of these audio files.

Weekly Bible Teachings   We release Bible teachings each week to help you learn and grow in your understanding and walk with the Lord. These are available as video or audio.

Evangelism Tracts   So far we carry five different tracts. (1) The Kingdom is Coming (2) Did Jesus Think he was God? (3) What Happens When you Die? (4) The Bible is not afraid to be tested (5) There can be only One Way. All five can be printed off the internet or we would be glad to send you some.

Helpful Links   These links may help you in a number of ways: researching the Bible, reading commentaries, learning about church history, catching up on various doctrines, and listening to audio teachings. Best of all, each of these websites is free to use.