Evangelism Tracts

Evangelism is the duty of every person who has been forgiven by God. Jesus was sent for the purpose of preaching the gospel of the kingdom (Luke 4.43). We are sent with the same purpose (John 20.21). If we are followers of the Messiah then we will be concerned with his business--the business of the kingdom and its proclamation. These tracts are designed to help people to hear, understand, and accept the gospel of the kingdom and the cross. The goal is for them to repent because "the kingdom of God is at hand."

Evangelism Clips Here are a number of audio clips from actual evangelism experiences in New Paltz, New York. These audio clips are of great value in understanding what various people believe but also how to communicate the gospel in an effective way.
Watch online video of open air preaching in New York City This is a remarkable video of open air preaching by Victor Gluckin. He gathers a crowd by asking trivia questions and handing out money and then he preaches the gospel

Please feel free to use these tracts for personal evangelism. If you like, contact us at info@kingdomready.org and tell us how many and your shipping address.