Weekend in the Word

July 21-23, 2006

Our Godly Heritage

The weekend was a great time of rejoicing because the family of God was together to fellowship. The teachings focused on the people of the Bible as our people, our heritage, and our spiritual ancestors. We spent time looking at these godly men and women as examples for us today. What a great joy it will be when we meet these dear sisters and brothers of faith in the kingdom of God and tell them how they set an example for us to follow.

Friday Night -- Rev. Vince Finnegan -- Orphans No More

Saturday Morning -- Rev. John Cortright -- Our Father Abraham

Saturday Morning -- Sean Finnegan -- Jeremiah

Saturday Night -- Rev. Pam Byzdyra -- Now What Do I Do

Sunday Morning -- Victor Gluckin -- Our Brother Paul

Sunday Morning -- Rev. John McCave -- The Life of Joseph