The Reason for Man

The reason for man is a personal, continuous, and intimate love relationship with Yahweh.  Far more important than wealth, prestige, human relationships, accomplishment, or success of any kind is our love association with our Father God. When this is first, then everything else in life seems to work out properly. When it is not as it should be, nothing else will function properly.

For the most part, we Americans are doers driven to accomplishment. We want to get something done and often evaluate our success in life by how much we achieve. We feel good if we get something done even if it is inconsequential to our overall life. Consider the truth of Psalm 119:36 - “Incline my heart to Your testimonies and not to gain.” (Many translations added the word “dishonest” before “gain”; however, dishonest is not in the Hebrew texts.) Gain should not be more important to us than a heart inclined toward God’s Word, and it is certainly not to Him. Always, our primary pursuit should be to love God with our whole heart, soul, mind, and strength. Everything else in life is less important.

What is most important to us? The honest and truthful answer is that which primarily occupies our thinking and actions. On what do you spend most of your time? We may all face the deception of thinking that God is most important but of having our lifestyle not support this notion. God is present with us everywhere we are all of the time, even if we do not acknowledge Him. Because of what Christ accomplished for us on the cross, we now do not need a holy day or a holy place nor a designated holy activity as was common in the Old Covenant recorded in the Old Testament. The holy spirit living in us makes possible that every day can be holy, every place we are can be holy, and every activity can also be holy.

Instead of minds bombarded by thoughts of news, last night’s TV show, gossip, yester years, “what if” fantasies, and many other feelings, impulses, and nonsense, we can focus our minds on Yahweh and our Lord Jesus Christ. Praise, gratitude, honor, Scripture, Kingdom realities, intercessory prayers, and constant seeking for help reflects a mind connected to God, enjoying His presence.  God is always at work in the world and wants us to join Him in the work He is doing. As we work together with Him, we enjoy our very special love relationship.

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