Our Staff

Founding Pastor

Vince Finnegan

Vince Finnegan founded Living Hope in 1999 after meeting in homes for more than a decade. In addition to teaching and writing, he works with those in recovery from drugs or alcohol.

Lead Pastor

Sean Finnegan

Sean Finnegan came on fulltime in 2005 with a focus on community and international outreach. As a student of the bible, theology, and history, Sean seeks to pursue truth wherever it leads via writing, preaching, and podcasting.

Teaching Pastor

John Cortright

I have been involved in Christian service since high school. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God” from Matthew 6:33 set me on my journey and has taken me many places, including two years at a Bible College. Being part of Living Hope from its inception, working with other devoted saints, and being able to research and teach the Bible has been an exciting part of this walk of faith. I have taught and coordinated BEC (Biblical Education Classes), Berean Bible study, summer Family Camps, and am involved in our weekly 10:30 Service. I love to hike and climb mountains, but my true passion is found in our living hope, and l look forward to the day when my journey ends at the mountain of Yahweh with my Lord and Savior, Jesus the Messiah!

Worship Leader

Jerry Wierwille

Jerry Wierwille is the worship leader at Living Hope. He oversees and coordinates the praise and worship band for all services and events. Jerry has been involved in music since he was in middle school and has played in numerous different bands and ensembles across several genres of music. However, his passion has always been to praise the Lord God and Jesus the Messiah through song and lyric. He enjoys leading and inspiring others to lift up their voices with joy in their hearts to the Lord.

Video and Social Media

Connie Cortright

After graduating from Bible College and spending several years in ministry work in Illinois, my husband John and I moved to New York’s Capital region in 1989. We were actively involved in home fellowships which became the nucleus of what is today Living Hope Community Church. The first several years after opening our church doors in 1999, I was actively involved in Children’s Fellowship, VBS, and Family Camps. Lately, my main responsibility is coordinating the video team: maintaining equipment, training camera crews, and webcasting our weekly Sunday Service. One of my greatest joys is interacting with saints via social media and seeing God work within the lives of His people from around the world.

Office Manager

Sarah Kenyon

Sarah Kenyon is the Office Manager for Living Hope. Her voice is the one you will hear joyfully answering our phone calls and responding to email inquiries. She enjoys working for our church and bringing the message of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to those around the world. One of her hobbies is writing poetry.

Audio and Congolese Ministries

Thom Riley

I am blessed to be apart of the Living Hope Family since we opened our doors in September of 1999. Along with having the privilege of assisting with many ministry functions throughout these years; helping to coordinate the building of the church, children’s and teen fellowships, various advances, and many ministry events. I’m also actively involved with our African ministry support and I have visited our sister churches in the Congo countries (the DRC and RC) a number of times. My most recent visit was with Blake Cortright to record the His Story class in French along with the Reverends Kennedy Kutukwa and Armel Ngo. Currently, I coordinate our awesomely sound audio team helping to provide feedback whenever needed. I encourage anyone reading this to consider getting involved with volunteer service. It will change your life. Ephesians 4.1-15


Mary Ann Yaconis

Living Hope Community Church was our church home for 13 years, and as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor I was able to assist in helping those who were in need. In October, 2020, my husband and I moved to Florida. My practice included many people from different states and countries by way of telehealth. Living in Florida I am able to continue with ministering and counseling people in the same manner. My husband and I have two married sons and four grandchildren. The years we spent at Living Hope were very wonderful years of feeling loved by the community. It is a privilege to serve with LHIM staff and minister to those in need.

Prayer Ministry

Bill Yaconis

I have had the privilege of being a part of the Living Hope International Ministries family since 2006.  We moved to Florida in September 2020.  However, I continue to serve as the Living Hope accountant and coordinate the Church's Prayer Ministry.  My wife Mary Ann and I also coordinate a weekly on-line Zoom Fellowship.  My greatest joy (next to the Bible we have been taught) has by far been the love and acceptance I have experienced from the ministry’s leadership and all the members of the body here at Living Hope.